Wellness Initiatives

Wellness programs can take many forms and can be as simple or as complex as your company desires. Many basic wellness programs are available at no cost to the employer, while more robust ones may charge a small amount for their services.

Many employers aren’t aware that their health insurance provider usually offers many wellness services for free.  Some carriers and other wellness companies even offer free online Personal Health Assessments to anyone interested.

Employee participation in wellness programs is voluntary but incentives can and should be provided.  These incentives can take the form of lower or subsidized insurance premiums, health and fitness gifts with the company logo,  or subsidized memberships to gyms and fitness centers.

Basic wellness programs include:

  • lnformation on Diet and Nutrition
  • Promotion of regular physical exercise
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Health Risk Assessments

More robust wellness programs also include:

  • Onsite biometric screenings of employees to measure blood pressure,  cholesterol and body fat.
  • Health coaches to work one-on-one with high risk individuals.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help employees cope with stress relating to problems such as marital,  financial,  legal,  etc.